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Possession of cocaine in Denver and throughout the State of Colorado is an automatic felony, regardless of how much of the drug was discovered on your person or within your control – no exceptions. However, a charge is not a conviction, and you are entitled to mount a vigorous defense. If you have been arrested for possession, call my office today.

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Because of the serious nature of a drug related arrest, it is always in an accused offender’s best interests to seek legal counsel – especially when you are confronting allegations that involve cocaine. I have the experience and expertise to help. My name is known in the local courts – and known to get results.

I know that many arrests involve innocent bystanders or friends of drug users, people who are completely unaware that a friend is carrying coke or other illicit substances.

Of course, police do not typically take incidental circumstances into consideration before making a bust. Their perception is only that there are drugs present, and, if they are within the reach of every individual on the scene, then all persons present are subject to arrest.

If you have been charged with possession of cocaine in Denver, call my firm immediately to speak with a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney. A felony offense on your record can keep you from getting the job that you deserve or the government assistance that you might need to buy a home or pursue higher education. A conviction could also send you to prison for 18 months or more, and no one wants to face that – especially if their arrest was the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Simply knowing someone who was discovered to be in possession of drugs is not a punishable offense.

Fight for your rights, and fight for your future. Schedule your free consultation today. We can discuss your case and the possible defenses that you may be able to use to fight, reduce or dismiss your charges. Financing and payment plans are available to qualified clients.

Facing charges of possession of cocaine in Denver can be intimidating and frightening, especially when you consider the consequences of a conviction. As a defense attorney with more than 24 years of experience, I have helped many accused offenders challenge the validity of their charges and the actions of the law enforcement officials.

You do not have to go through this challenge unaided, and you are entitled to solid and aggressive legal representation. If you or a loved one is facing drug possession allegations, pick up the phone and call me today. I may be able to help you fight for your future and your freedom.

The Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. provides representation to clients who have been arrested for possession of cocaine in Denver as well as in Parker, Golden, Centennial, Brighton and Kiowa. No law firm or attorney can guarantee the outcome of your drug possession case. All content contained on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be mistaken for legal advice. Visiting this web site does not establish an attorney/client relationship, so please refrain from sending any sensitive or incriminating information through this site until such a relationship has been established in writing.


First offense: Less than 4 grams

  • Class 6 felony
  • Up to 18 months in the state penitentiary

First offense: 4 grams or more

  • Class 4 felony
  • A sentence of 2 to 6 years in prison
  • Fines ranging from $2,000 to $500,000
denver cocaine attorney

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