DUI Accidents

DUI Accidents

DUI accidents can involve a wide range of different types of accidents, which can include causing a collision with another car, striking a pedestrian or bicyclist with your car or striking an object with your car, such as a tree, light post, wall, etc.

In most cases, the involvement of alcohol is proven by breathalyzer tests or blood samples, which can be taken at the scene of the accident. Generally, a person doesn’t need to be totally intoxicated or incapacitated to be charged with DUI. In the state of Colorado, anyone whose BAC is over the legal limit of 0.08% is considered to have been driving drunk, regardless of whether his or her driving was impaired or not.

If a person is charged with DUI, he or she can face criminal consequences, such as misdemeanor charges, which usually result in a criminal fine and a jail sentence of up to one year. In serious cases, the DUI charge may actually result in felony charges. This usually happens for repeat DUI accidents, or if the current accident caused death or serious bodily injury to another.

Also, if you cause a DUI accident, you may be subject to a civil lawsuit, filed by the victim or victims of the accident. This may cause you to be liable for even more expenses, such as the victim’s hospital expenses and car repair costs.

Lastly, DUI charges can result in the other consequences, such as having your license revoked, or you car impounded, plus any mandatory alcohol abuse counseling. Such measures are meant to deter you from any future incidents of DUI accidents.

Car accidents almost always result in injuries. If you were drinking, you will automatically be blamed for contributing to the accident whether the accident was actually your fault or not.

Denver DUI Defense Lawyer

Our Denver DUI Attorney can help you defeat your DUI charges by:

  • Challenging any BAC test results
  • Challenging the notion you were at fault for the accident
  • Negotiating charges and your sentence

It is so important that you retain an attorney that has worked with DUI accident cases before. You are not only facing the consequences of a DUI, but also potentially additional charges for any injuries or deaths that resulted from the accident.

Denver DUI Lawyer Matthew Martin will investigate every aspect of your case and ensure that no stone goes overturned in the crafting of the defense of your case. Getting arrested at the scene of a DUI accident does not mean that you are guaranteed a conviction in court. But you need a Denver DUI attorney that has the experience necessary to triumph in court. The faster you appoint an attorney, the better your chances. Contact us today to speak with a leading Denver DUI accident defense attorney about your case – (303) 725-0017.