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If you, a friend or relative has been charged with a crime, please call me, a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney, immediately to discuss your case. If you needed surgery, you would not want your family doctor to operate on you, you would want a specialist. That is why you should hire me as I specialize in DUI and criminal defense and have been exclusively practicing criminal law for over 19 years. Don’t put your life, liberty, and reputation in the hands of your divorce attorney or the attorney who prepared your will. You need an attorney who is prepared to effectively and aggressively defend you if you have been accused of a DUI, a felony or a misdemeanor.

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I have built my extensive experience in criminal trials on both sides of the courtroom. For several years I have been defending people charged with crimes. I began my criminal law career as a prosecutor and District Attorney. The perspective that I gained by prosecuting crimes in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson Counties gives me a head start in preparing your defense. I know the kinds of evidence authorities will gather; I understand how they will present it in court; I can develop strategies to counter the case they build and to lessen the consequences you might face.

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Call now if you think you are a suspect – if you will be questioned regarding a crime – or if you have been arrested. I believe that legal representation at the earliest possible time is the best course of action for you.

I am available for meetings outside of my office. If you are visiting the website on behalf of someone else, please call. We can arrange a visit with the accused at another location.

I am available evenings and weekends by appointment, at my office. Many crime arrests occur outside of regular business hours. We can discuss whether your fees can be financed. Remember, the initial consultation is at no cost.

I am dedicated to protecting your rights and if needed to reduce penalties. My effectiveness is a result of my commitment to my clients. In some cases, the best strategy may be to engage in successful negotiations with prosecutors. In other cases, forceful legal strategy in a courtroom may be the best option. Call now for a discussion of your case and the strategies that may apply to your circumstances. My 20 year legal career has been in the criminal justice system, in trials before judges and juries, and in negotiations with authorities.

Criminal law is a specialty. You may know of a general law firm, and may be trying to decide if they can help you. In my experience, a specialist in criminal proceedings is the best choice. I can knowledgably go to work on your behalf, protecting your interests and strategizing your defense.

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You may have been represented by a public defender who was appointed to you at the time of your arrest or questioning. This is your Constitutional right, and it was a wise choice to take advantage of that right. Many people discover that these dedicated lawyers are handling a large number of cases and cannot provide the level of legal support they prefer. If you wish to investigate whether it is in your best interest to have legal representation other than a public defender, call now for a free consultation.

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