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Cost of a DUI Conviction

In Colorado, A DUI conviction (or DWAI) can be quite costly. Between the court and attorney costs, penalties, class fees, and other expenses, the total dollar amount associated with a DUI can be exceptionally high. Some might say that this is for good reason—after all, drunk drivers were to blame for more than 11,000 roadway deaths on US streets and highways in 2016 and 2017.

In order to help reduce the incidence of drunk driving, law enforcement agencies across the country have ratcheted up the monetary cost of a DUI. So, how much does a DUI cost, anyway? Are we talking a few hundred dollars? A couple thousand? The answer will really depend on the unique facts of your case, but rest assured the cost is likely to put a huge dent in your pocket.

These financial costs of DUI/DWAI are especially detrimental for those of modest means or victims of the nation’s high unemployment rate. In the unfortunate event of a DUI/DWAI arrest, you need a skilled lawyer who will work to get your charges reduced or dropped.

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If you or someone you know has been charged with DUI or DWAI, contact Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C.. Matthew Martin, Denver DUI defense attorney, will aggressively investigate every minute of every event leading up to your arrest. Were you stopped for probable cause? Was the roadside sobriety test called for? Was the roadside sobriety test performed properly? Was the breathalyzer tested and accurate? These questions are extremely important in order to protect your freedom and your livelihood and Matthew Martin is ready to ask them.

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First DUI Cost in Colorado

The amount of time it takes to resolve a DUI case and have all the fees and obligations paid varies widely. Those who are new to the criminal justice system and who don’t know how to navigate the process of defending their case can sometimes find themselves still dealing with red tape, fines, and paperwork for more than a year after the conviction.

For a first-time DUI, a good average to use to estimate the cost of the conviction is about $7,000. You may be wondering how that is because the court fine for a DUI is only up to $1,000. Well, the reason the cost is so high is that there is a plethora of other costs and expenses associated with DUI other than the conviction fine.

These costs rack up even before trial as you’ll be obligated to pay towing fees, bail costs, and car storage fees. If you want to contest your license suspension before trial, there will also be fees associated with that including a license reinstatement fee.

The real cost of DUI ramps up upon conviction. Even as a first-time offender without any criminal history you may be obligated to pay probation supervision fees, victim’s funds fees, a fee for law enforcement assistance, a “persistent drunk driver” (PDD) surcharge, alcohol/drug treatment, additional court costs, and an increase in your driver’s insurance premiums. In the end, all these fees and possibly more average to around $7,000.

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Cost of a Second or Subsequent DUI Conviction in Colorado

For those who find themselves dealing with a second DUI or DWAI conviction, the costs will almost certainly be higher. However, this isn’t always because the initial fines are higher. Rather, the amount of required education, community service, and even jail time all contribute to the increased cost of a second DUI.

With a second or subsequent DUI, expect to pay all the pre-trial costs you did prior with your first DUI again. Booking, car storage, towing, license reinstatement, DMV hearing costs, and bail will all still apply. If convicted of a second DUI or DWAI, expect to pay more fees associated with the increased penalties. For instance, you’ll be required to pay for the installation and monthly calibration costs of an ignition interlock device.

The average cost of a second DUI is $10,000 when all “hidden” fees have been accumulated. If it’s a third or subsequent DIU, then the cost is more than likely to exceed $15,000. There are many reasons for this. The court costs are ultimately higher, the conviction fee is increased, there are more conditions to sentencing such as an elongated drug/alcohol course, and the cost of your bail may be upped as well.

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How Much is the Average DUI Cost?

DUI and DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) are serious charges in Colorado. If they lead to a conviction, they can have a severe impact on your family, work and social life. In addition, a conviction can be devastating to your finances. The financial costs of a DUI or DWAI conviction can be astronomical. Some of the costs associated with a conviction are as follows:

  • Towing of your vehicle – $150
  • Detox facility charges- $350
  • Bail – $100
  • Fine – $200
  • Alcohol evaluation fee – $200
  • Awareness, education and therapy – $1155
  • Supervision of two years’ probation – $1200
  • License reinstatement – $95
  • Interlock device for car – $240 to $1440
  • Community service supervision fee – $75
  • MADD victim impact panel fee – $25
  • Victim Assistance Fund – $78
  • Victim Compensation Fund – $78
  • Law Enforcement Assistance Fund – $78
  • Auto insurance increase and SR-22 for 3 years – $4800
  • PDD Surcharge – $300
  • Restricted License – $26
  • Car Storage Fees – $26 (per day)
  • Probation Alcohol/Drug Evaluation – $1,000

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A DUI/DWAI conviction can result in long-lasting financial difficulties. The good news is, Matthew Martin offers financing and payment plans to his clients, so you can have access to a criminal defense attorney you can afford. He knows how detrimental a DUI can be on a person’s finances and wants to do everything possible to ensure you don’t face financial ruin all because of one mistake.

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