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Denver’s Best Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer


Providing 25 years of criminal attorney representation

For over 25 years, I have been protecting the legal rights of DUI and criminal suspects by leveraging my deep, exhaustive understanding of Colorado law. As a proven trial attorney with a strong track record of delivering not guilty verdicts for my clients, I have the expertise, aggressive demeanor, and legal knowledge necessary to best represent my clients in criminal court. 

I know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a criminal defense lawyer to represent you. I realize there are dozens of highly qualified, capable attorneys in the state of Colorado who you could turn to in your time of need. However, I will tell you that I’ve seen a lot of negative outcomes as a result of avoidable mistakes made by lawyers who do not specialize specifically in criminal defense. 

These mistakes can prove to be tragic for the accused. And, this doesn’t have to be the outcome in your case.


A skilled Denver Criminal Defense Attorney can review your case right away!

With So Much at Stake, Don’t Risk Your Future

I’ve seen it time and time again: someone is accused of a crime, and they turn to a general law firm for legal help. This is an understandable error to make; after all, aren’t all lawyers created equal? 

No. No, they’re not. 

Criminal defense law is a very nuanced, highly complex area of legal practice that takes decades of experience to master. I have been actively involved in defending accused criminals in Colorado for longer than many firms have even been established, and I have a long history of not guilty verdicts, dismissed cases, reduced penalties, and mitigated consequences for even the most serious crimes. 

My pedigree as a trial lawyer who represents DUI, DWAI, felony, and misdemeanor suspects is undeniably the strongest in all of Denver. I have been named one of the best lawyers in criminal defense by the Denver Post, top 100 criminal defense attorneys in America, and top 100 criminal defense lawyers. I know how the criminal court system works, I know how the judges think, and I know how to effectively take a criminal case to trial if need be. 

Let’s be clear: there is a lot at stake if you or someone you know is being accused of a crime. The fines, jail time, and criminal record implications can add up to a potentially devastating outcome—an outcome that may not have to happen if you have me fighting for you in court. 


With as tragic as a criminal conviction could be, it makes the most sense to retain the legal services of a criminal defense attorney who only takes on cases involving DUI, felony, or misdemeanor crimes. 

I don’t write wills. I don’t do estate planning. I don’t handle divorce cases. 

I only represent those accused of crimes in Colorado. Period.


The Importance of Time in a Criminal Case

Many people think that the most valuable resource for anyone being accused of a crime is money. They think that, if they have enough money, they can afford the best attorney out there and, as a result, get a reduced sentence, an acquittal, or some other optimal outcome. 

This is not true. 

The most valuable resource for felony or misdemeanor suspects is time. Time is, by far, the single most critical variable in any criminal case. The more time you have to strategize about your case with a qualified attorney, the better off you’re going to be. Furthermore, the sooner you take action to hire an attorney, the better your chances are of beating your case or getting reduced penalties. 

Without a doubt, money is required to compensate a competent criminal defense attorney for his or her services. However, legal fees can often be paid off over time, and I do everything in my power to make my services affordable for those who need them. I will work with you to arrive at a payment arrangement you can live with. But, because time truly is of the essence in any criminal case, you need to contact me for a consultation immediately

This means you should call me as soon as possible if you or someone you know has: 

…been accused of a crime. Before agreeing to sit down with investigators, police, or anyone else to discuss the facts of your case, call me. 

…been arrested. Remember that you have a constitutional right to consult with an attorney before making any statements or responding to any questions. 

…been extradited to Colorado to face criminal charges. I know exactly what motions to file, actions to take, and paperwork to submit to make sure the rights of the accused are protected at every turn. 

Remember, the longer you wait to retain legal counsel in a DUI, felony, or misdemeanor criminal case, the lower your chances will be of getting an optimal outcome. Don’t run the risk of jeopardizing your future because you think you have enough time to sort things out on your own. Chances are you don’t, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

The Public Defender Dilemma

A common misconception about criminal defense is that opting for the legal services of a public defender is the smartest move you can make. While it is true that the help of any lawyer is better than no help at all, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that most public defenders are managing an overwhelming case load. 

They’re often spread so thin with their cases that they don’t have the time to dedicate to your case. 

Moreover, most public defenders don’t have the track record of acquittals, dismissals, and reduced sentences that I do as they are usually fresh out of law school. When it comes to making the choice to go with a no-cost public defender versus hiring me, you are going to get what you pay for. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you cannot afford a powerful legal defense. Not only is your initial consultation with me completely free, but you can usually pay your legal fees according to terms that make the most sense for your unique situation. 

We’re talking about your future here. This isn’t something to take lightly, and even though a public defender might be substantially cheaper than hiring me, you can’t put a price on your freedom and good name.

My Areas of Expertise

Effectively defending those accused of a crime in Colorado requires calculation, boldness, extensive legal knowledge, and the ability to negotiate with prosecutors and judges. If any of these traits are lacking in a defense attorney, the outcome is likely not to be in the accused’s best interest.

Furthermore, developing a defense strategy for one type of crime is going to vary compared with another type of crime. For example, building a strong DUI defense is going to be wholly different from defending against an assault case. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to hire an attorney who knows exactly how to formulate a defense strategy that is specific to the crime in question. 

In my 25+ years of practicing criminal defense in Denver, I have passionately protected the legal rights of individuals accused of:

If there is a law on the Colorado books that can be used to find an accused person guilty of a crime, I have the ability to defend that person in a way that upholds their constitutionally granted rights as a US citizen. 

Flexible Meeting Arrangements. Prompt, Decisive Action.

I understand that time waits for no criminal accusation. A criminal charge can take place at any hour of the day, and as such, I make myself available to my clients whenever and wherever works best for them. 

If that means I need to travel to you, I will. If that means I need to work with you during evenings or weekends, I will. 

I am 100% dedicated to doing everything in my power to best represent the rights and interests of my clients no matter what day of the week it is or where they’re located. This ongoing commitment to my clients is only one of the many reasons why I’ve become Denver’s best criminal defense attorney. 

During this critical time, the decisions that are made regarding legal representation will prove to be the most consequential throughout the entire legal process. In my 25+ years of practicing criminal defense law in Colorado, I’ve learned that the sooner my clients contact me for a free consultation, the better equipped I will be with the facts I need to start working on their behalf. 

If you or someone you know is being accused of a crime in Denver, I strongly urge you to contact my office immediately by calling (303) 731-4517Don’t forget that who you hire to legally represent you in a criminal case makes all the difference. You owe it to yourself and to your future to do everything you can to protect and uphold your rights as you navigate the Colorado court system.

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Alleged Crime: Carrying a Concealed Weapon
Facing: 1 year in jail
Result: Dismissed
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People v. J.M.
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Facing: 1 year in jail
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Sex crimes

People v. F.C.
Alleged Crime: Sexual Assault (F4)
Facing: 6 years to life in prison
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“Words escape me when describing the job Mr. Martin did for me in a recent criminal case. It was evident from the start that I was not just another client; Mr. Martin made me feel like I was his top priority spanning the entirety of my case. Mr. Martin did not have an easy job spanning the resolution of my case, but his expertise in strategizing coupled with his exceptional quality of work provided for a favorable outcome. Mr. Martin made it a priority to keep me on the same page with the status of my case throughout the whole process. His seasoned experience as an attorney came alive in the courtroom and his perseverance and outstanding knowledge of the law affirmed that I had attained the best legal representation in Colorado. If I had to choose one word to describe Mr. Martin, it would be commitment. Well after I had completed probation, Mr. Martin accompanied me in court to finalize my case at no expense to me. I can confidently assert that Mr. Martin is a paragon of legal representation—bringing forth powerful vigor, a keen intellect, and a sincere passion. If you seek the pinnacle of legal counsel in Colorado, then you need not look any further!”
K.R. – May 15, 2015
“I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Martin as my lawyer. I’m usually an upstanding citizen but when I got into trouble, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Mr. Martin not only gave me the legal advice I needed but also a great deal of moral support. Whenever I called him, which was quite often, he responded to me immediately with answers and support. He was there for me when I went to court. We had to go back to court two more times, and he was there for me every time. Mr. Martin was able to provide the appropriate documentation and convince the City Attorney to get me a deferred judgment. I was so glad to have him on my side. It was quite an ordeal and I was glad to finally get my life back together. I would highly recommend Mr. Martin to anyone that needs a good defense attorney. You’re the best! Thanks so much for all your help!”
E.F. – October 24, 2014
“Matt is an awesome attorney. He assisted me with what could have been an uncomfortable situation, and handled it very discretely, professionally, and at the same time, personably. He knows the law and how to navigate the system. I highly recommend him!”
P.F. – October 9, 2013
“When I was visiting the USA from Canada I got myself into some serious legal issues. I had F4 and F5 felonies pending against me. I had originally hired another lawyer in Denver and they were not even able to have the courts grant me permission to leave the country. Once we hired Matt within 1 week he was able gather the required information about Canada law to present to the judge and was granted permission to leave. Not being from the US and not having a prior criminal history I was not familiar with the process and what to expect. Matt put together a strategy and worked with the DA to eventually get to an outcome that allowed me to return to Canada permanently and unsupervised probation. I am very grateful for the service Matt provided and the outcome he was able to negotiate on my behalf. I owe Matt a big one and so grateful for the outstanding job he did representing me. I would recommended Matt to anyone facing legal issues and would even suggest even if you are from another state, it would be worthwhile to pay the travel expense for his representation. For the professionalism and level of competence in comparison to other lawyers in Denver, Matt made the processes much less stressful and was worth every penny.”
S.L. – September 15, 2013

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Skilled Criminal Defense Representation from a Former Prosecutor

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you anticipating a criminal investigation? If you want a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has experience as a prosecutor, come to the Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C..

Before opening my law firm, I served as a prosecuting attorney for more than 13 years. I understand how prosecutors’ minds work and can use this experience to your benefit, for your protection. I handle any criminal matters in all Colorado state courts. Contact me today to discuss your legal concerns. Complete my intake form below or call me at (303) 725-0017.

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