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Violent Crimes

New data from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has revealed there’s been a shocking increase in violent crimes in the state. This new information has forced law enforcement to focus a vast amount of their time and resources on these types of cases. Everyday law enforcement agencies set up or recruit new members for their violent crimes unit so they can become even more efficient at arresting offenders.

In an effort to deter violent crime, the state of Colorado has imposed harsh penalties upon conviction. No matter the offense, you will face a felony if you’re charged with a violent crime. You will have to endure a mandatory sentence and spend months or even years in prison. With so much at stake, it’s advised you seek legal representation if you or someone you know has been arrested for a violent crime in Colorado.

Violent Crime Denver Defense Lawyer, CO

Your number one priority is to hire an experienced Denver attorney if you’ve been accused of a violent crime. The likelihood of being granted probation or a reduced sentence without legal representation isn’t very high. That is why we highly recommend you do everything you can to fight your accusations by hiring an experienced Denver violent crimes attorney with Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C..

Criminal defense attorney Matthew Martin can utilize his 28 years of complex trial experience for your case. His extensive practice and knowledge mean he can not only advise you, but zealously fight for your rights. Set up your first consultation with Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. by calling our offices at (303) 725-0017. Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. accepts clients throughout the greater Denver metropolitan area including surrounding counties such as Boulder County, Douglas County, Broomfield County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, and Jefferson County.

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What Qualifies as a Violent Crime?

Crimes where someone is harmed or was threatened, they would be harmed is considered a violent offense under Colorado law. These offenses are considered some of the more serious types of crime under Colorado law and often carry lengthy prison sentences. They can include a wide variety of offenses including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, or child abuse.

Litigating a violent crimes case can be incredibly complex, especially if your attorney isn’t familiar with violent crime cases. The evidence in these types of cases usually include modern-day uses of DNA, autopsies, digital evidence, and forensic firearms evidence. Plus, it can be difficult to sway a jury when the prosecutor is flashing graphic photos of the crime or the victim’s injuries. Because of these reasons, it’s important you are represented by an attorney with diverse trial experience, especially in violent crime cases.

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Types of Violent Crimes in Colorado

  • Assault – intentionally and willfully inflicting harm on another person is classified as assault in Colorado. Depending on the circumstances of the case, you could be charged with one of three degrees of assault. The lightest penalty a person can receive for assault is a class 1 misdemeanor and can be enhanced to a class 3 felony.
  • Child Abuse – Harming or being extremely neglectful to a child is a serious crime in the state of Colorado. Since the victim of the act is a minor, there’s a very high likelihood you’ll face felony charges for committing child abuse.
  • Kidnapping– Restraining another person to use as a hostage, for ransom, to engage in criminal sexual conduct, force them in servitude, and generally taking a person away against their will is kidnapping in Colorado. A kidnapping charge has the potential to result in life in prison.
  • Stalking – Harassing another person, following them, messaging them repeatedly, and doing other actions to harass, humiliate, threaten, or frighten a person can yield a stalking charge. Stalking is considered a felony as well as an “extraordinary risk” crime.
  • Manslaughter – In Colorado, manslaughter is defined as the unintentional death of another as a result of negligent behavior. Manslaughter is a class 3 felony and can result in up to 12 years in prison upon conviction.
  • Murder – The most serious and taboo criminal offense in Colorado is murder. In Colorado, murder is defined as the deliberate and premeditated killing of another person with malice afterthought.

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What is the Punishment for Violent Crime in Colorado?

The state of Colorado has implemented harsh consequences for violent crime offenders in an effort of retribution for the victims. The steep penalties of a violent crime conviction could potentially rob you of everything you’ve worked for both personally and professionally. The following are some possible consequences you may face after conviction of a violent crime.

  • You may be sentenced to prison for months, years, or even life
  • You could be required to pay hefty criminal fines
  • You will be forced to have a permanent felony record labeling you as violent
  • You may have issues renting or finding employment due to this record
  • You could lose your professional license if you are in possession of one
  • If you’re not yet a citizen of the United States, it’s possible your immigration visa or green card may be revoked, your citizenship application denied, and you may be deported as a result of the conviction

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Additional Resources

Mandatory Sentences for Violent Crimes | Colorado Revised Statutes – Visit the official website for the Colorado Revised Statutes to learn more about their violent crime laws. Access the site to read the section of the revised statutes governing sentencing for violent crimes.  You can also find a full list of offenses classified as a violent crime, the definition of a crime of violence and the consequences if you are convicted of multiple violent crimes.

Violent Crime Statistics | Colorado Department of Public Safety  – Visit the official website of the Colorado Department of Public Safety to view the past and present statistics for violent crimes in the state. Access the site to look at statistics categorized by age, gender, year, and what type of crime they were arrested for.


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Denver Defense Attorney for Violent Crimes

The potential harsh penalties of a violent crime conviction are enough to keep anyone up at night. If you’ve been arrested for a violent offense, get started on your defense right away by consulting Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C.. Our legal team can aggressively advocate for you on your behalf and review every piece of evidence meticulously to build a formidable case.

Call us now at (303) 725-0017 to set up your first consultation free of charge. Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. accepts clients throughout the greater Denver area including Golden, Lakewood, Broomfield, Boulder, Morrison, Centennial, Englewood, Deer Trail, Louisville, Nederland, and Eldora.