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The offense of sexual assault against a child is one of the most serious crimes an individual can be charged with. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the situation, the gravity of such an accusation cannot be overstated. Not only are the Colorado courts highly motivated to prosecute, convict, and sentence those who have committed this crime, but the penalties, jail time, and ensuing treatment by society can completely destroy any chance of living a normal life again. 

Considering all of this, it makes sense that those who are facing a charge of child sexual assault should be very concerned with how they’re going to defend themselves in criminal court. What makes this particular charge so exceptional is that it’s easy to accuse someone of committing. All it takes is a momentary misunderstanding, a fabricated story, or a collection of rumors for legal action to be taken by a plaintiff. 

After this happens, the defendant is likely to find him or herself in a situation where the odds are most certainly against them. For the individual who is saddled with the task of defending against a child sexual assault charge, taking action to protect their good name is of the highest priority. 

It’s for this reason that a powerful, effective legal defense is absolutely critical. 

Steps to Take If You Are Facing This Charge

If you have found yourself the subject of a child sexual assault investigation, there are some things you can do to best prepare yourself for what’s ahead. To optimize your chances of weathering this storm and effectively defending yourself in court, consider taking the steps below. 

Step #1: Retain legal counsel immediately.

This is, without a doubt, the most important step to take for anyone who is facing a charge of child sexual assault. Even if you believe there isn’t any substantial evidence that could be used against you, and even if you believe you can navigate this on your own, your chances of a favorable outcome will be increased dramatically if you have a proven defense attorney representing you. 

Remember that attorney specialization in cases like this is incredibly important. This is not a drug case. This is not a domestic violence case, and it certainly isn’t a civil or small claims case. This charge, if not adequately defended against, could result in a complete annihilation of your perceived worth as a human being. Because the stakes are so high in cases of child sexual assault, you need an attorney who knows how to defend against this specific charge.

Matt Martin has been providing top-tier criminal defense services for more than 25 years. In that time, he has defended numerous clients in child sexual assault cases—giving them the guidance, advice, and representation they need to justly defend their rights and protect their integrity. 

Failing to obtain a competent defense attorney could spell disaster for you. Do not let this happen. 

Step #2: Prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, and financially for the road ahead.

child sexual assault lawyer denverNo matter how strong you think you are when it comes to taking things personally or keeping your wits about you, make no mistake: your resilience and fortitude are going to be tested during these proceedings. 

There will almost certainly be times when you will feel embarrassed, lost, dejected, and hopeless. You might discover that your closest friends and family will turn their backs on you, leaving you in a state of isolation and desperation. The resources you thought you had at your disposal very well may dry up completely. 

So, it behooves you to prepare for what’s ahead, starting now. Make an honest, unfiltered evaluation of where you stand emotionally and mentally. This is a time to begin marshalling all of the support you can get, whether that comes from within yourself or from those closest to you. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that you are about to go to war, and to help ensure your chances of making it out of this unscathed, you need to be prepared. 

The same goes for your finances. Depending on the complexity of this case, the various motions that will need to be filed, and the numerous twists and turns that could result along the way, this case could draw out for months or even years. Part of what’s involved in building a solid defense for those accused of child sexual assault includes the administration of specialized psychological tests, polygraph tests, and related evidence building. All of this is costly, and if you don’t have sufficient enough funds to afford it all, the prosecution is going to have a much easier time obtaining a conviction. 

Start doing whatever you can, right now, to build a war chest you can use to fund your defense. The bigger, the better. 

Step #3: Learn all you can about this area of law. 

Defense against child sexual assault is a very nuanced subsect of Colorado law. Granted, you may not have the pedigree of Matthew Martin, but when it comes to defending against this specific charge, there is no knowledge that is not power. 

Educate yourself about child sexual assault legal defense. Read everything you can on the subject. Look at case files. Examine everything you can get your hands on that has anything to do whatsoever with the situation in which you now find yourself. Doing this will help you to understand why you’ll need to be doing the things your attorney is advising you to do. The better you can grasp the ‘whys’ throughout your court proceedings, the more confident you’ll be when it matters most. 

Any attorney that advises you to let him or her do all the work and not to worry about why certain actions are being taken is not an attorney you should be talking to. You need to have a comprehensive understanding of every relevant factor impacting the outcome of your case. 

Step #4: Sit down and literally write out a timeline of what happened.

This is something you can do either with or without your attorney. Either way, dedicate some time to sitting down, clearing your head, and writing out a timeline of the events that transpired. Leave nothing off the table, and include every conceivable detail, even if you think it won’t matter in the long run. 

During this process, suppress the urge to selectively remember what happened. If something happened and you were a part of it, write it down. If others were involved (or even if others weren’t involved), write it down. 

Include dates, times, locations, correspondences, and any other information that could possibly be relevant to the facts in your case. 

This will be invaluable when the time comes to construct the most compelling defense possible.

Lastly, be honest with yourself. This is not the time to contrive a story or use your imagination. This is a time to cement the relevant sequence of events, doing so in a way that is steeped in reality, not in what you wish had happened. 

Step #5: Keep any and all conversations about your case between you and your attorney. Period. 

One of the biggest mistakes made by people who are facing a charge of sexual assault against a child is that they confide in or vent to people they shouldn’t confide in or vent to. There is a reason why attorney/client sexual assault defense lawyerconfidentiality is so important, and that reason is to protect you. No one else on the planet is protected in this way. Remember that any and all of your conversations, emails, text messages, or other forms of communication could be admissible as condemnable evidence in court.

All it takes is a subpoena from the court and your prior words could be used to seal your fate. 

So, keep to yourself. Don’t talk about your case with anyone but the lawyer you’ve hired to represent you. Even if you think you can trust someone with your deepest and darkest secrets, don’t risk it. 

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The Law Offices of Matthew A. Martin, PC have seen first-hand how tragic the outcome of a child sexual assault conviction can be.

Lives can be completely upended. We’re talking about potentially decades spent in prison, not to mention the permanent label of ‘sex offender’ that can be attributed to the accused upon a conviction. 

In a recent case, our legal team was able to successfully convince a District Attorney to completely dismiss a case involving sexual assault on a child.

If you’re facing a child sexual assault charge, don’t leave your future welfare to chance. Hire a competent, proven attorney who has been down this road before and who can help you bolster the best defense possible. 

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