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Eryn NationEryn Nation

If you're seeking a qualified, dedicated attorney - there is no better choice. Matthew Martin is the BEST in the business!

If you ever find yourself facing a DUI charge; the best thing you can do for yourself is hire Matthew Martin to represent you! He will accurately, effectively, and aggressively defend you.

Justin MartinezJustin Martinez

Matt was extremely helpful throughout this entire process, he was understanding and always great at communicating and keeping me up to date with current happenings. He helped me through a very tough situation and i'm very grateful so him going above and beyond to come to the best possible outcome. You will not regret hiring Mr. Martin!!

Katrina FindlayKatrina Findlay

It was a great pleasure to work with Mathew! His professional guidance and timely responses were so helpful!

I wrightI wright

Matt is an excellent, professional and responsive attorney. I highly recommend that you use his expertise if you're in need of a good attorney that will get you favorable results.

Jennifer W.Jennifer W.

Matt is an exceptional attorney. Helped walk me through one of the darkest points in my life with knowledge, professionalism and compassion. He answered...

Denise HefnerDenise Hefner

Highly recommend. Super responsive, kind, and made a difficult situation bearable with his knowledge and quick action. Don't hesitate to hire Matt should you be looking for attorney services.

Kayla K.Kayla K.


I was on probation for my 2nd DUI and I had a lot going on in my life, and didnt show up for UA's,...

Katrina F.Katrina F.

Matthew was simply outstanding. Seeking the help of an attorney can be a daunting and scary task, rest assured Matthew will make this process as smooth as...

Colorado Client Reviews

J.W. – September 30, 2020
“Matt is an exceptional attorney. Helped walk me through one of the darkest points in my life with knowledge, professionalism and compassion. He answered my calls every time, or returned my calls ASAP, to answer even the most remedial of questions from me. He took time to explain the process and my options, and clearly communicated every time. It’s hard to trust someone during something like this, but I fully trusted Matt and know he did all he could to help me obtain the best outcomes. Highly Recommend him!”

D.H. – May 6, 2020
“Highly recommend. Super responsive, kind, and made a difficult situation bearable with his knowledge and quick action. Don’t hesitate to hire Matt should you be looking for attorney services.”

J.S. – January 15, 2020
“I can’t recommend Matt enough as a lawyer, and also just a great person that really cares about his clients. Throughout a very tough year, Matt not only did amazing work for me, but was always there to listen and support me as a friend and confidant. Thank you Matt.”

E.V. – December 1, 2019
“I highly recommend Matt Martin. He was my lawyer in two cases. The second case had tons of media attention during the case. It was intense but I knew I had Matt my as my defense attorney. He advised me through the whole process and was willing to answer all my concerns. I will never go to another lawyer, his intelligence and intellect will always rise above! I advise anyone looking for counsel to definitely give him a call. The results I received in this case was phenomenal. I appreciate and it will not go unnoticed.”

E.N. – November 5, 2019
“If you’re seeking a qualified, dedicated attorney – there is no better choice. Matthew Martin is the BEST in the business!


If you ever find yourself facing a DUI charge; the best thing you can do for yourself is hire Matthew Martin to represent you! He will accurately, effectively, and aggressively defend you.”

L.V. – October 30, 2019
“Amazing lawyer. He helped my mom with some serious felony charges!”

J.D. – October 8, 2019
“Matt is an incredible, sharp, honest and trustworthy lawyer to say the very least! This past year has been the hardest year I’ve had to face with two drug related felony charges and one misdemeanor seeking jail time for a first time offense. Matt got my two felony charges dismissed within six months and probation with in home detention for the misdemeanor shortly after. Both far better outcomes then I could’ve asked for. Matt was informative and supportive the whole way, offering his guidance and being available to answer any and all of my questions (some repetitive, some border line silly). I am thankful I found Matt when I did because he literally helped change my life for the better by fighting for me and offering advice based on 25 years of experience. He’s “one of the good guys”. Hire Matt, you won’t regret it. He is seriously the best lawyer and knows what he’s talking about!!”

K.K. – September 24, 2019

I was on probation for my 2nd DUI and I had a lot going on in my life, and didnt show up for UA’s, meetings, and more. I had a probation violation and didnt show up to court in October of 2018 and then had a warrant for my arrest. I found MATT MARTIN and I am so happy I did! I finished what I needed to do and he had my probation terminated and my case closed. He is magic.

This was almost a 3-year case/probation/everything and I was facing another year (or more) in jail, or 2-4 more years on probation, or whatever they wanted to do. I am free and done with everything thanks to Matt Martin!!! I cried and laughed, and cried again when I left that courtroom. Words cannot express how incredible I am feeling today.

I would rate a million stars of I could. He changed my life and helped me when other lawyers were telling me I would be lucky if I didnt go to jail.


E.L. – April 24, 2019
“Matt is tremendous. I’m an extremely difficult client, but he handled me as a seasoned professional and with expert guidance. He remains laser-focused on the outcome you request, and navigates the process calmly and fluidly. You’d be remiss to look elsewhere.”

S.S. – March 15, 2019
“I highly recommend Matthew to anyone- he was incredibly reliable and did a great job!”

J.C. – February 15, 2019

“Matt is very easy to work with, highly knowledgeable, well respected in his field, and delivers the best defense around. He goes the extra mile every time. I couldn’t have asked for better service or representation for my circumstances.”

C.G. – January 15, 2019

“Matthew Martin is one of a very few defense attorneys I would trust to represent myself or any member of my family. His legal background passes my high expectations for a personal defense attorney. Anyone who desires an attorney that surpasses tests of the highest standards and due-diligence, will be thankful they contacted Matthew Martin.”

M.O. – December 10, 2018

“I would like to start this review by giving Matt Martin 5+ Stars!!!! In reality that means that Matt Martin is absolutely the man. He is extremely Sharp, very knowledgeable, understanding & compassionate. Immediately upon my very first meeting with him I instantly knew I was in the best hands possible. Before meeting with Matt Martin I had gone through the process of assessing almost 25 different lawyers. This lawyer is like a shark amongst minnows when you compare him to other attorneys. When I first approached him about my case I instantly knew he was the right choice, and he certainly delivered on my intuition. He was extremely honest as well as very resourceful from day one. Throughout our client and attorney relationship he did nothing but deliver over and over again. He was brutally honest and always laid out every scenario possible based in absolute truth. While I was in his office for the first time he immediately established Communications with my prosecutor and had received emails back providing us information within 20 minutes of being in his office. I had multiple different cases pending at the time when I met with him and although I had only retained him for one of my four cases he was graceful enough to advise me on the entirety of my situation. He was willing to take on my difficult struggles while simultaneously allowing me to set up a payment plan because I was having financial difficulties. If I was not already convinced that I had made a great decision all it took was the first court appearance to realize how much respect and admiration the legal system has for him which he obviously worked hard to establish within the courts. I attended multiple Court hearings in a variety of different counties and every judge knew exactly who he was, not only that but his reputation brings with it a huge presence within the courtroom. Here is a little (fun fact) I’ve witnessed multiple defendants come up to Matt and personally ask for his business card while he was representing me because they see what a boss he is. While going through my court battles he always advised me of what my options were as well as giving me his honest recommendation which turned out to be spot on. My original case that I hired him for ALL charges were dismissed. Subsequently after that he went above and beyond to appear in a different County on my behalf and had those charges dismissed as well as my case terminated. To be completely honest there was even this scenario where I was in custody and my attorney Mr. Martin showed up on my behalf without divulging my whereabouts he was still able to convince the judge that my charges should be dropped. Furthermore I feel he was always available, just a phone call away. Months later when his obligation to me was finished I reached out because I needed help and he immediately was there to assist. If you’re looking for a lawyer that doesn’t just talk a big game but actually get you results then you will never hire anybody but Matt Martin. Just like any of us who find ourselves in the midst of legal action it can understandably be intimidating. I truly feel that without Mr. Martin’s representation I would most likely be sitting in a jail cell. I cannot express how thankful I am that I had Mr. Martin fighting on my behalf to provide our desired outcome. I don’t plan on having any legal issues for the rest of my future but if I do I will certainly turn nowhere but to this gentleman because he is a BADASS!!! I cannot thank you enough Matt and I hope people take this review to Heart because you are hands-down the best lawyer I’ve ever
seen or used.!”

P.R. – October 4, 2018

“Matt is an EXCEPTIONAL attorney, I can’t say enough about him. He is professional, knowledgeable and experienced. I am extremely grateful to have hired Matt Martin. He answered his personal cell phone every time and communicates clearly…He is up front about costs and potential outcomes. Matt Martin gets my highest rating A+ 5 Star. I would recommend him to anyone in need of an Exceptional Attorney.”

C.M. – October 1, 2018

“Matt is very knowledgeable and professional in his field. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a defense lawyer.”

E.J. – September 15, 2018

“I have known Matt, as an attorney, for over 6 years and can say without hesitation that he is one of the best criminal trial attorneys in Colorado. He cares about his clients, works hard to get the best possible disposition, and is ready to fight things all the way if that’s what it takes. Matt is also very sensitive to the special needs of Legal Residents, Visa Holders, and other non-citizens who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system. I highly recommend Matt if you need a criminal defense attorney for anything from DUI, DV, and drugs to complex economic crimes and serious felonies.”

B.H. – July 17, 2018

“I was charged with careless driving with death which would have cost me my job. I hired Matt and from day one he was there for me. I would recommend Matt to anyone that wants someone to fight for them. Thank you, Matt”

A.M. – July 15, 2018

“Matt Martin is an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and talented attorney that I highly recommend. Our case was a challenging one due to the complexity and from the start he was honest & straight forward about our options and possible outcomes. Matt has an unbelievable work ethic and was always prepared for meetings & court. He was available at all times to answer our questions and assisted our family with maneuvering through our challenging legal system and case. The outcome was a positive one for our family and would not have been possible without Matt’s guidance and hard work.”

C.B. – July 3, 2018

“Mr. Martin is an excellent attorney and one of the best attorney I’ve ever met I would say, very professional, made sure that I get all the help needed with my case and was very understanding! Thank you so much for everything!”

K.B. – July 1, 2018

“Mr. Martin is a phenomenal lawyer. I took a very, very serious case to trial and he came to my aid when it mattered most. I recommend him to my family, friends, anyone who needs representation. This man is a wizard. If you are serious about winning, this is your guy. He has represented me 3 separate times and I cannot say enough good things about him.”

A.A. – May 29, 2018

He got my case dismissed and the record sealed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a defense attorney!”

T.M. – May 15, 2018

“I had a great experience working with Mr. Martin. I would recommend him to anyone that needs his legal advice”.

N.H. – May 3, 2018

“Matt was the best person I could have found to help me on my case. From the moment I contacted him, I felt like I had his complete attention. He was polite and informative the entire time. He communicated with me on a regular basis, and I felt like my questions and concerns were addressed immediately. I felt respected throughout this entire process. If I’m ever in a situation that requires an attorney, again, I will not hesitate to contact Mr. Martin to handle my case.”

A.H. – April 15, 2018

“I did not expect the outcome of my run in to be as forgiving until I discovered Matt Martin. Sparing the details, Matt made me feel like a part of the family from the first email/phone call and I knew I was in the best hands possible after our first meeting and action plan. Highly recommend the Law Office of Matthew Martin!”

L.G.  – April 3, 2018

“Matthew Martin is an excellent attorney. He is efficient and thorough. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney.”

M.M. – December 15, 2017

“My case was a false accusation of a DUI. From the very start Matt took all aspects of the case and made the best choices available. The initial court date was with the DMV. Knowing that this was the harder of the two to get dismissed he was fully prepared, got all witnesses available for it and won that case for me. The DA took more convincing to do and my case ended up going to trial. From the beginning to the end of the trial Matt was brilliant in his approach to prove my innocence. Not only did he help win my case, but he also saved my career in the military. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a lawyer.”

J.R. – November 29, 2017

“I was very lucky to find Matt, I initially had hired another attorney in Denver but I quickly realized he was not going to cut it. I wasn’t about to place my future in a person who I felt wasn’t going to fight for me. I had a lot to lose if found guilty I was patiently looking at Jail time for up-to 1 year. Late September 2016 I myself in an unfortunate situation where I made a very poor decision and allowed a “friend” to drive my vehicle while under the influence and didn’t end well. That night we were involved in a motor vehicle accident were my vehicle struck another vehicle luckily nobody was injured. At the time I allowed a person who I thought was my friend drive my vehicle not knowing he would flee the scene and I would be held responsible. Right off the back I was treated like I was guilty the officers “claimed to have not seen anyone else in the vehicle” so It quickly escalated and I was looking a serious charges. I was being charged with 6 counts of DUI and a refusal of any chemical testing or field sobriety test. I initially made the officers aware of the second person in the vehicle and that they should be looking for him, Denver PD quickly dismissed any of my statements and clearly didn’t do their jobs correctly. Early on I was offered plea agreements and refused all. I took this all the way to trail and I won’t lie I was very nervous of the outcome and worried about placing my future in the hands of 6 jurors, would they judge me by the evidence or by their own preconceived ideals. Either way the future didn’t look bright but Matt made me feel confident in the risk and had a strong defense. I believed in him and allowed him to do what he does best. He is very tactful, well prepared, confident, and knows the law very well. Oh yeah and very sharp dresser too! Matt is a very smart person he studied my case thoroughly and called in an accident recreation expert and a PI and was able to prove my innocence. The case went to trail for 2 days with a positive outcome.
I feel Matt is the best and would recommend him to anyone, he is worth every penny. Trust me he will fight for you every step of the way.”

L.B. – August 22, 2017

“I am a long time medical professional with multiple clinical and insurance licenses to practice healthcare. I contacted Matt on a weekend when I was concerned about representation who took my emergent call on the weekend to provide me reassurance and we set a plan the following Mon am. He was able to negotiate a very fair plea agreement and his rates were very reasonable. He personally responded promptly to every correspondence and request. I feel very fortunate to have found this highly skilled professional who showed great sensitivity to my circumstances and fought for me. Highly recommend!!!!!”

G.V.- July 13, 2017

“My 24 year old son hit a car which was parked in the fast lane on a busy, 65 mph. highway. The passenger in the car he collided with was killed. At the scene of the accident, my son admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier in the day feeling confident that this was not a problem as Marijuana is legal is Co. Not true, this was a very big problem. He was charged with vehicular homicide as well as DWI and taken to jail. He was facing the possibility of MANY years in jail!!I reside in NH and needed to find a competent lawyer in CO! After interviewing many over the phone I called Mathew. After speaking with him I knew he would be the right choice for us… and he was. Matthew’s fees were fair, he was always available to communicate with us whether it was a phone call, text or an email. My son had just moved to Co. one month prior to the accident, he knew no one and now doesn’t have any transportation. On occasion Mathew came to his apartment to meet with him and even gave him a ride. Matthew made it possible for him to be found not guilty of vehicular homicide.”

S.T. – May 1, 2017

“Matthew Martin is an amazing attorney. He is not joking when he says, ‘I am ultra-competitive and will always be the most prepared attorney in the courtroom’. Matt will take your case seriously from beginning to end. Throughout my whole case, Matt was honest and upfront with me. What more could you really ask for. Matt has a affordable payment plans, with can really help out in hard times. Many other attorneys don’t even offer assistance like payment plans. I would recommend Matt to anybody looking for a professional, honest and upfront, and most importantly knowledgeable attorney at a affordable fair price. Matt is truly a superb attorney and his experience presides his reputation. Matt has passion and dedication for what he does, through that you will get results. I’d highly recommend looking no further.”

K.B. – February 5, 2017

“Mr. Martin is a phenomenal lawyer. I took a very, very serious case to trial and he came to my aid when it mattered most. I recommend him to my family, friends, anyone who needs representation.”

L.B.- January 7, 2017

“I panicked after being charged with a felonious drug crime and impulsively hired another attorney without doing my research. After spending an exorbitant amount of money, and not seeing any resolution in sight, I asked around and was referred to Matt. 

I am incredibly grateful for his help; he was always kind, thorough, and available. Matt never judged or shamed me, despite some poor choices on my end. He reaffirmed that people make mistakes and would help me through it.

Matt followed through on his word, and was able to have the felonious charge dismissed! The DA allowed me to plead guilty to a misdemeanor (deferred judgment) and was also incredibly kind because of his relationship with Matt. Overall, Matt helped me maintain my custody agreement, continue with my career, and fix the mistakes I’ve made – I’m eternally grateful.

E.T. – December 20, 2016

“Matthew A. Martin is THE BEST lawyer in Denver!”

B.B. – February 29, 2016

“To help those who need a criminal defense for not one, not two, but 3 charges of felony. I called Matt on a Saturday evening when I decided it was time for a lawyer. Never once did I feel the uncertainty of his talent and skill sets to help me through. But I learned something new about this individual as I respect him for his sincerity during my stressful time. He will walk you through and educate you what is happening and very patient to explain what you might not understand is going on. Would I use his service again? In a heartbeat. I have him on my speed dial. Oh, and all charges were dropped and my case was sealed. I highly recommend him as your defense attorney.”

A.K. – March 28, 2016
“Matt Martin is an amazing attorney! Very efficient, professional, sharp, someone you can trust! I highly recommend him!!”

A.M. – November 2, 2015

“I hired Martin for a theft of personal property case and he was fantastic. He advised me of all my options and was knowledgeable as well as professional moving forward. He communicated with me in a timely manner and was easily available for any questions or concerns I had. More importantly, he got the job done! I highly recommend him!”

Z.B. – October 20, 2015

“An excellent attorney. I would recommend him to any family member or friend. He was very knowledgeable and was on top of our case.”

J.P. – September 7, 2015

“Matt Martin is an Excellent Choice for your DUI defense! No matter who you are, when you get arrested for driving under the influence, the law makes one big point- that YOU are a criminal and you are now in the criminal justice system. Without the right representation you are left to find your way through this long, demoralizing process alone, and alone, you don’t stand a chance. After I was released from Denver County Jail for a first offense DUI, my step-father found Matt Martin on the Michigan State University Alumni website. From then on, I had someone in my corner that knew every nuance of the law when it came to DUI because that’s what he has done for years. Matt knows every DA, every judge, every legal angle and how to turn a disadvantage into a positive.

Hey, I screwed up. I wasn’t getting off scott – free.  Matt is a great guy, a great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone in the same situation. ”

Z.Y. – July 10, 2015

“Mr. Martin was a great lawyer in my DUI case. He got it reduced to a DWAI and was a great help in the early termination process. If i ever had any questions he was quick to respond and over all a nice guy. I would recommend him to anybody that needs a good lawyer.”

K.R. – May 15, 2015

“Words escape me when describing the job Mr. Martin did for me in a recent criminal case. It was  evident from the start that I was not just another client; Mr. Martin made me feel like I was his top priority spanning the entirety of my case. Mr. Martin did not have an easy job spanning the resolution of my case, but his expertise in strategizing coupled with his exceptional quality of work provided for a favorable outcome. Mr. Martin made it a priority to keep me on the same page with the status of my case throughout the whole process. His seasoned experience as an attorney came alive in the courtroom and his perseverance and outstanding knowledge of the law affirmed that I had attained the best legal representation in Colorado. If I had to choose one word to describe Mr. Martin, it would be commitment. Well after I had completed probation, Mr. Martin accompanied me in court to finalize my case at no expense to me. I can confidently assert that Mr. Martin is a paragon of legal representation—bringing forth powerful vigor, a keen intellect, and a sincere passion. If you seek the pinnacle of legal counsel in Colorado, then you need not look any further!”

E.F. – October 24, 2014

“I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Martin as my lawyer. I’m usually an upstanding citizen but when I got into trouble, I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Mr. Martin not only gave me the legal advice I needed but also a great deal of moral support. Whenever I called him, which was quite often, he responded to me immediately with answers and support. He was there for me when I went to court. We had to go back to court two more times, and he was there for me every time.

Mr. Martin was able to provide the appropriate documentation and convince the City Attorney to get me a deferred judgment. I was so glad to have him on my side. It was quite an ordeal and I was glad to finally get my life back together. I would highly recommend Mr. Martin to anyone that needs a good defense attorney. You’re the best!

Thanks so much for all your help!”

P.F. – October 9, 2013

“Matt is an awesome attorney. He assisted me with what could have been an uncomfortable situation, and handled it very discretely, professionally, and at the same time, personably. He knows the law and how to navigate the system. I highly recommend him!”

S.L. – September 15, 2013

“When I was visiting the USA from Canada I got myself into some serious legal issues. I had F4 and F5 felonies pending against me. I had originally hired another lawyer in Denver and they were not even able to have the courts grant me permission to leave the country. Once we hired Matt within 1 week he was able gather the required information about Canada law to present to the judge and was granted permission to leave. Not being from the US and not having a prior criminal history I was not familiar with the process and what to expect. Matt put together a strategy and worked with the DA to eventually get to an outcome that allowed me to return to Canada permanently and unsupervised probation. I am very grateful for the service Matt provided and the outcome he was able to negotiate on my behalf. I owe Matt a big one and so grateful for the outstanding job he did representing me. I would recommended Matt to anyone facing legal issues and would even suggest even if you are from another state, it would be worthwhile to pay the travel expense for his representation. For the professionalism and level of competence in comparison to other lawyers in Denver, Matt made the processes much less stressful and was worth every penny.”

W.M’s Parents – June 29, 2013

“Mother: I would never have thought that my 18 year old daughter would need a Defense Attorney but she did. We did not know where to turn to but found some online and after reading reviews about Matthew decided to go in and talk with him. My daughter was overwhelmed and it was an emotional time. At our first meeting he explained the court system and the process we would go through step by step. We left our first meeting feeling so lucky to have found him, he was very professional and well informed on the law regarding underage drinking. My daughter dealt with Matthew and he was quick to answer emails or respond to phone calls. His professional representation and caring attitude meant the world to us.

Father: As an ex-trial attorney myself, I was impressed with Matthew’s good relations with the police, prosecutors and court staff. His standing with the court and our opposition reflected well on our daughter, and us. He was just as effective out of court, researching a medical condition with doctors that led to a successful plea bargain. I highly recommend Matthew Martin”

B.P. – March 25, 2013

Who would have thought I would ever need a Defense Attorney-but I did!  I was facing some serious charges. It was stressful, overwhelming and a very emotional time.
I first viewed Matthew’s bio on his website, he listed a summary of past work history in the courts and it was very impressive. In meeting with Matthew I knew with certainty I chose the right Defense Attorney. He explained the process of the court system and in my particular case may lead to possible trial by jury. He was always prepared at all of my court dates with his top notch attitude and broad knowledge of the law. Matthew was always quick to respond to my calls and/or emails and kept me informed with every situation. I felt very confident in his ability to defend me. 

His tough, aggressive and professional representation on my behalf was outstanding. Matthew’s knowledge of the law goes well beyond his years.

My case was brought to a final conclusion and with optimal results- A DISMISSAL OF ALL CHARGES.

Matthew has taken immediate action to have my records sealed. I can’t thank him enough for all of his hard work given to my case.   

How would I rate this Defense Attorney, one word – STELLAR”

T.M. – January 8, 2013

I was impressed with my initial consultation with Mr. Martin. I figured my case was open and shut as there was quite a bit of evidence against me.  He didn’t promise the world and raise false hopes.  He made me calm and was completely honest with me about what to expect.  With other lawyers wanting $4000-$8000, I didn’t for one-second think of his lower cost as a bargain.   I met with five other attorneys and decided to go with Mr. Martin as I felt he was the most genuine.  Having a high BAC and an accident, I figured I was gonna get the book thrown at me.  Mr. Martin’s court presence was very professional and results oriented.  He showed up with confidence and determination.  I was able to get my DUI plead down to a DWAI.  I avoided a jail sentence and my court costs were reduced dramatically.  What impressed me the most was his attention to detail.  He asked me questions and submitted evidence I would’ve never even thought mattered.  Six months after my conviction, he helped me get off probation early.  Ten months in to the entire process and I am able to put this behind me.  I was treated with respect and never once felt like I was a criminal.  I realize I made a mistake and I have definitely learned from it.  Mr. Martin understands good people sometimes make mistakes and that is how he treated me.

C.C. – January 6, 2013

This was a first time DUI offense for me.  Not knowing what to expect, but knowing I needed legal help, I looked for an attorney that had experience defending DUI’s,  but more importantly, an attorney that had formerly been a practicing District Attorney and would be familiar with the state’s legal personnel and judges.

Matt had both extensive experience defending DUI charges and had also been a DA.

Matt was honest in his advice, but also showed caring and empathy for my dilemma.  He told me what to expect and advised me on personal actions I should take that would be taken into consideration by the court.   Matt knew likely outcomes and selected a defense strategy for me and guided me through the tedious legal steps to ensure the best possible outcome.   The legal process is very deliberate and Matt knows what to expect.

In the end, Matt helped me achieve an outcome that was acceptable and reasonable.

I highly recommend Matt Martin for defense representation and if ever needed, I would use his services again.

L.W. – November 7, 2012

“I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone seeking an experienced, professional attorney. Matt personally answered the phone when I first called him and he set up a free consultation promptly. He was always honest with me about the potential consequences I faced but he went above and beyond to deliver the very best outcome possible. His rates are very reasonable and I honestly feel like Matt cares more about his clients than he does the money. He is a great guy and a great attorney!”

P.C. – November 6, 2012

“Matt Martin is a fantastic lawyer who helped me with my DUI case in Denver County. He was always very easy to get a hold of, straight-forward and honest throughout the entire legal process, from initial hearing all the way until the early termination of my probation. With Matt’s assistance, I got my DUI reduced to a DWAI, never lost my license and was terminated from probation after only about 3 months. I would highly recommend Matt as a DUI attorney.”

D.R. – June 1, 2012

“Mr. Martin did a fantastic job of handling my case from the start to a successful outcome. The court system moves very slowly and is difficult to understand for one caught in surprising and difficult circumstances, but Mr. Martin walked us through the process, taking great care to explain the system and options during every phase. He carefully explored all options, pushed the ADA when needed in the most appropriate ways, and presented himself very professionally in court. I can’t say enough about how strongly I would recommend Mr. Martin as a criminal defense attorney.”

D – May 24, 2012

“During a very emotionaland difficult period from receiving a fourth DUI in twenty years I spoke to several DUI attorney’s and finally decided to go with Mr. Matthew Martin. He was a very genuine and up front individual with what I was facing and had several ideas on how to proceed. Every decision was mine to make but Matt was very clear to set realistic expectations. Matt was very forthcoming and honest which I respected and needed in this situation. Not only did Matt see this thru a whole year and a half long process from arrest to conviction but has continued to assist with needs requested by me concerning the ongoing issues from the court system. If not for his experience and persistence I would have been looking at one year or more of real jail time. However, I was fortunate enough to receive a 6 month sentence on work release as a result of Matt’s determination. I hope to not need his services again but would honestly refer him to anyone seeking good council. My most sincere appreciation goes out to Mr. Martin and can’t thank him enough for his diligent efforts on my behalf, he truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you again Matt.”

R.G. – Mar 14, 2012

Matthew Martin is very knowledgeable, professional, detail oriented and aggressive attorney. He is affordable and keeps you well informed about the status of your case. I felt very comfortable in my situation due to his vast experience and professionalism. I will highly recommend Matthew Martin as a defense attorney.”

C.B. – Feb 15, 2012

“I was looking for a DUI attorney for my daughter since she just received her 2nd DUI within 1 year. I was recommended toMatthew Martin and was EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome.Matthew has experience as a District Attorney in 3 counties and was a Chief District Attorney in one of those 3 counties so his experience and knowledge showed with such professionalism.Matthew was able to convince the judge to only impose the minimum required jail time and my daughter received the lowest Community Service hours possible. His success has been astounding in the cases I have reviewed prior to contacting him and I would highly recommend Matthew for any criminal cases/DUI cases.”

B.S. – January 20, 2012

“Before I met with Mr. Martin I visited several attorneys and was unsatisfied. I finally called another professional I knew for a recommendation. I was referred to Mr. Martin. After speaking with him on the phone and in person, I felt relieved. Mr. Martin represented me in two different counties on two separate cases. I can’t explain how fortunate I am because of the outcomes Mr. Martin fought for and achieved in both cases. One of the cases in particular, I believe, could not have been won by many lawyers if any. One of the reasons I chose Mr. Martin in the beginning was because of his experience in multiple counties as a former district attorney. I had faith in Mr. Martin because of his experience, but there was a time because of the stress I was under that we didn’t exactly see eye to eye about one of my cases. He continued to have dedication to my case, communicated towards a solution with me, handled himself professionally, and ultimately won a trial case for me that was one of the most important turning points in my life. I am grateful to Mr. Martin for his dedication, professionalism, faith, and compassion. Thank you again Matt, I appreciate everything you did, even the small things you may not have realized.”

Brian – Dec 21, 2011

“I had interviewed several defense attorneys before I came across Mr. Martin. Within a few minutes of sitting down with him, he made me feel comfortable and gave me the impression that he would represent me better than anyone else. I feel very fortunate to have come across his website. He was extremely knowledgeable about the DUI process. His rates were very reasonable. My case was complicated, with a violation of probation pending. Mr. Martin fought diligently and represented me very well. Most of the penalties for repeat DUI offenders are set in stone, but I feel I came out of this with the best possible scenario. I am so thankful for Mr. Martin’s experience as a district attorney and a defense attorney. He knew the system and provided comfort in walking me through the process. Thank you Matt. You did a wonderful job.”

Tom- October 10, 2011

“Matthew Martin was like a Godsend to me. I would highly recommend him as your criminal defense attorney ! He has about 17 years trial experience and was an assistant or lead District Attorney for at least one county, if not more, in the Denver area. His rates are very reasonable, and he did this so that people could afford decent representation. More importantly, I’m confident he will work with you to come up with a financial arrangement. My case was very complicated, and it was a situation where I was not guilty of a stalking/harassment charge, but the authorities blew it way out of proportion, and set an unreasonable bond on me that wouldn’t allow me to bond out. Matt got my bond reduced by 50% with much effort and persistence, (meaning he had to ask for bond reduction multiple times). My case was in a notoriously strict and unforgiving county, Arapahoe, and any attorney I spoke with agreed with this. Mr. Martin rose to the challenge, and went to bat for me. He believed I was innocent as well, and fought for me … “

MaryAnn ? – Oct 6, 2011

“If you are looking for an excellent Defense Attorney, do not look any further. Matt went above and beyond as my attorney in a Domestic Violence case. My fiancé and I had to hire Defense Attorneys for our case and I wish I could have hired Matt for both of us. He was always available to answer questions I had about the case and upcoming hearings. When my fiancé had to appear at the Gilpin Courthouse and his attorney was not able to make it, Matt recognized him, and spoke to the court on his behalf. He not only reassured me, but was able to relieve my fiancé’s anxiety throughout this stressful process. Matt is not afraid to go to trial and I would not want any other attorney to speak on my behalf in court. Hire Matt if you want the most favorable outcome for your case.”

Anonymous ? – Sep 20, 2011

“Matthew Martin is a competent and compassionate defense lawyer. He was recommended to me by a friend and I feel so fortunate to have worked with him. He was non-judgmental toward my issues and kept me informed of all available options. Thanks to Mr. Martin’s guidance and hard work, my reputation, career, and job are intact. He told me that his job was to help get me a second chance. He is the type of lawyer that you want in your corner.”

TGGoose ? – Sep 9, 2011

“Mr. Martin is very professional and takes care to explain what is going on and what to expect next. His experience gives great insight into what the opposing lawyers are doing. He went above and beyond to ensure that after my case was dismissed, my records were sealed. If you want to feel like you have the right person representing you, this is the guy. I would highly recommend him.”

Shannon ? – Jul 22, 2011

“I WILL RECOMMEND MR. MARTIN TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE! When I first met him, he said “I like to win” and he wasn’t joking. I have never seen someone with so much desire to win and win well. He was so detailed with my case and planned it all out perfectly. When we were in court, the Judge actually asked him to stop. “Mr. Martin, you can stop, I have plenty to go on and I have already made my decision”. He wasn’t even finished presenting the case and he had already won it!!!!!!!!! He is dedicated and driven to work hard for people and he is a shark when he gets in the courtroom. I was shocked and impressed to see him transform into someone so aggressive to get the job done. Court is never a good experience, but Mr. Martin actually made me smile and laugh when we walked out as Mr. Martin stated, “That was fun.” He takes pride in his job and loves every second of it. Thank you Matt, you were phenomenal!!!!!”

Zachary ? – Jul 20, 2011

“Personally using Matthew Martin twice on the same case has proven to me his diligence and integrity in the legal realm. Matthew was available in short notice and worked relentlessly to process the ordeal with my best interest in mind. If he had more manpower, I am sure he could have sold me on the sealing of my record before I came back to him. The record sealing was completed without attending a single hearing, and Matthew kept me updated weekly on the process. In all, he is a very competent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone with the highest approval.”

Matt ? – Jul 19, 2011

“Matthew Martin is highly recommended! He is very professional, thorough, detail oriented, and aggressive in fighting for the best possible outcome. I felt very at ease in my situation due to his experience and professional business-like approach to my case. If you need a great attorney, give Matthew Martin a call!”

Kim ? – Jul 15, 2011

“I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Matthew Martin!!!! He was recommended by a family friend when my son was falsely accused of a serious crime. I have retained other lawyers before for different matters, and never have I had a good experience with one until Matt. In fact, this is the first time I have ever written a review about a service I have had but Matt is an EXCEPTIONAL attorney and I can’t say enough good about him. He handled our case with professionalism, knowledge, and got us results that I am so grateful to him for. I am so grateful for his representation on our case, a life saver!!! He actually answers his own phone every time personally and communicates everything to you. He is up front about costs and options and I am very pleased with his work ethic and knowledge. Matthew Martin gets my highest ratings and I would recommend him to any of my friends and family. A+++++++++++++++”

Andrew ? – Jun 29, 2011

“Matt was awesome! He was a lot cheaper than others, which had me weary at first, but he did a GREAT JOB! I got a lot better outcome than I would have had I represented myself. He was always available for phone calls, always let me drop in when I needed, even answered his phone outside of office hours when I had questions. Free consult, very nice guy, handled everything great from start to finish.”

Joseph – Mar 31, 2011

“Matthew was very professional and I would highly recommend using him. Due to some legal issues with my son, I ended up hiring Matthew for two separate cases. In both cases, he was able to attain a much better judgment then we could have attained by representing ourselves. Billing was fair and does not stick you with a consult fee as some other lawyers do.”

Chuck – Mar 31, 2011

“Matt handled my case very well from start to finish and was professional all along the way. He has great experience with the Douglas County courts and was able to minimize the uncomfortable situation I was in. My case was dismissed within two months and my records have been sealed since. Well done.”

C. – Jan 20, 2011

“I would HIGHLY recommend Matt for any of your legal needs. I required Matt’s legal services for a public indecency charge I received. This is the first legal trouble I’d ever been in, and at almost 30 years of age, I was extremely embarrassed and horrified that harmless hanky panky with my boyfriend (albeit outdoors) had me in this predicament. Matt was extremely professional, non-judgemental, and thorough with every aspect of my case. Hiring him helped to take some of the stress and worry out of the equation for me. He is great about returning emails/phone calls, he thoroughly addressed all of my questions and concerns, he managed all the details of the case, and he kept me well informed. Once he was on board, the only thing I had to do was show up for my court date. He was even able to negotiate a decrease in my probationary period. Following probation, he was directly in contact with me to take care of all the details concerning sealing my record. I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND Matt for legal advice and services. If I required such services in Colorado again, he would be the first person I would call.”

Michelle – Jan 18, 2011

“I can’t say enough about what a superior lawyer Matt is! Unfortunately I got a DUI and this being the first time I had ever been in trouble I was clueless, scared and needed legal advice from a professional. After being referred to him by a friend and speaking with him on the phone he came to my house to find out about my situation and laid out what was ahead for me (best and worst case scenario). I knew instantly I wanted Matt to represent me…hiring Matt was the best thing I could have done! You could tell he really cared and wanted to do the best job he could for me. He not only set my mind at ease but took total control of everything! As far as dealing with the courts and DMV, I had to do nothing but show up to my court appearance. Matt helped make this nightmare a little bit easier to bear. He not only followed through with my case but periodically checked up on me to make sure I knew what I needed to do on my end. AND a year later, he is going to try to get me off probation early! I STRONGLY recommend if you are seeking legal advice to call Matt. Matt is not only professional and knowledgeable but great at what he does…he made the best of a terrible situation. I honestly can say if you hire Matthew Martin, you are in GREAT hands…what a great guy!”

Zach – Jan 7, 2011

“I was referred to Matt by a friend whom highly recommended him. Matt is very thorough, he makes sure to cover all angles, is a pleasure to work with, and is very reasonably priced. I will recommend Matt to everyone I know. He is a true professional.”

Anonymous – Jan 7, 2011

“Matt is wonderful!! When I was searching for an attorney to handle a DV case, I went on the internet and called 5-6 attorneys and told them what I was charged with and the 1st thing they told me was how much it was going to cost me. There was no personality there at all!!! Then I called Matt. The first thing he asked was ‘Please tell me exactly what happened.’ Matt is truly a nice human being. I would recommend him to everyone I know, for he did everything he said he was going to do and for the price he quoted me on day # 1. I normally would not be bothered writing a review for anyone, but Matt went above and beyond the call of duty for me!!!.CALL MATT!!!!”

Laura – Jan 6, 2011

“Matt is Awesome! He took control of my case, leaving me free of the hassle and the worry. He had my blood re-tested which came back in my favor, resulting in lower fines and a less harsh sentence. He is confident and he knows what he is doing. He explains everything so you can understand the legal terms and advises you in making the right decision for your case. I trusted him all the way. Matt is just an outright nice person who makes you feel comfortable in his presence. I refer people to Matt all the time.”

Chad B – Dec 30, 2010

“After firing a local ‘superstar’ law firm due to lack of communication, them sending different lawyers to each meeting or court date (in every case, they had no clue what was going on in my case), and letting the state do and say anything they wanted in an open court room, without disputing, or giving me a chance to tell my side of the story, I finally found Matthew Martin. He was honest, followed through with every step as promised. Matthew showed up personally each time, and was prepared for each meeting or court date. I could tell from the start that Matthew actually cares, and tries his best to get the outcome YOU are looking for. In my case the ‘superstar’ lawyers had already dug my grave, but hiring Matthew changed it all. Matt got more done in two months than the other guys did in over a year. I would recommend Matthew Martin to anyone in need of a lawyer. Just call him first, so you don’t end up paying ‘superstar’ lawyers thousands of dollars to do nothing but try to pad their wallets. Don’t fall for the lawyers that do high profile athletes and public figures as a norm. Trust me, they don’t have time to help regular people. Call Matt!”

K ? – Dec 29, 2010

“We did some research on the internet – how to find a good lawyer and Matt fit all the qualifications. He saw us on a Saturday and was very understanding of our situation. He was very professional and persistent. He did all the leg work to resolve the cases to the best outcome. Although he was my spouses’ lawyer he helped me understand my role in the cases and the court system, if that is possible (it was so complicated). He was very patient with the revolving amount of assistant DAs we went through. I am hoping we don’t have to hire Matt again but if we do we will and we would highly recommend him as a great lawyer.”

Julie ? – Dec 27, 2010

“My experience with Matthew Martin was superior! I unfortunately got a DWI, was scared to death searched for help on the internet to which I found Matthew…he was extremely professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and made me feel at as much ease as possible when dealing with such a serious mistake. His rates were reasonable, he made himself quite accessible for any questions I had and he always made me feel like I was his only case he was working on at the time. Matthew Martin is HIGHLY Recommended, I have and will continue to recommend his services to family, friends or anyone who may need a lawyer! “

Tim ? – Dec 27, 2010

“Matt Martin saved my freedom – Unfortunately I’ve needed a few criminal attorneys over the years. I feel extremely fortunate I was referred to Mr. Martin by my divorce attorney. His criminal expertise, knowledge of Colorado statutes, knowledge of the legal system, and relationships with the judges and district attorney’s we encountered were all paramount in the positive resolution of my case. He represented me in various felony and misdemeanor matters and was successful in negotiating a reasonable plea to resolve all charges. I believe relationships are what set Mr. Martin apart from other attorneys I’ve hired and interviewed. I believe the professionalism he displayed towards the judge and district attorney helped portray myself in a favorable light. I could tell by watching other attorneys in the courtroom while waiting for my case that they didn’t have the same type of professional respect from the judge/DA. And in my opinion when the judge/DA respect your attorney and have built a professional rapport it really helps your case. He fought hard and never backed down on questioning and cross examination, yet he never crossed the line into unprofessional or upsetting the judge/DA by pushing too hard or being blatantly rude. While under the representation of Mr. Martin I needed an attorney on another matter in another state. Through his vast network, Mr. Martin was able to get me connected with another attorney who, because of their professional relationship, gave me a discount. This attorney, too, handled my situation flawlessly and won the case helping to insure my freedom. Overall, Mr. Martin is a clever criminal attorney with professional relationships inside the legal system which proved to be helpful in the positive resolution of my criminal case. I can’t count the twists and turns and curveballs in my case which he was able to handle promptly while quoting the proper statute to help win the motion. I recommend him whole heartedly when your freedom and your life hang in the balance. He is a good man, an ethical attorney, and someone who will help you receive the most positive outcome possible in your case.”

Andy ? – Dec 27, 2010

“The Real Deal: Gets results, is caring and best of all, he’s actually a pleasure to work with. We were referred to Matt by a lawyer friend when we asked for the best in the city. A few names came up, we interviewed them, and decided to hire Matt because he truly understood and believed in us. The other guys never gave us the feeling that they cared, but rather, tried to sell their experience. Well Matt has the experience and cares plus he got us the best case outcome. I’ve already recommended him to people and will continue to do so.”

Mitch ? – Dec 27, 2010

“I recently hired Matt for representation in a DUI charge. I had limited funds and Matt worked with me to pay his, very reasonable, fee. There were extenuating circumstances with my case and Matt went over and above the standard requirements. He is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and caring. Matt explained the legal process, correctly set my expectations and expertly helped me survive this extremely stressful situation. Simply put…Matt is your “go-to” man for your legal issues.”