DUI Conviction

DUI and DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) are serious charges in Colorado. If they lead to a conviction, they can have a severe impact on your family, work and social life. In addition, a conviction can be devastating to your finances. The financial costs of a first offense DUI/DWAI conviction can be astronomical. Some of the costs associated with a conviction are as follows:

  • Towing of your vehicle – $150
  • Detox facility charges- $350
  • Bail – $100
  • Fine – $200
  • Alcohol evaluation fee – $200
  • Awareness, education and therapy – $1155
  • Supervision of two years’ probation – $1200
  • License reinstatement – $95
  • Interlock device for car – $240 to $1440
  • Community service supervision fee – $75
  • MADD victim impact panel fee – $25
  • Victim Assistance Fund – $78
  • Victim Compensation Fund – $78
  • Law Enforcement Assistance Fund – $78
  • Auto insurance increase and SR-22 for 3 years – $4800

There are many other long-term costs that are more abstract but can significantly increase the overall cost of a DUI conviction. For example, time in court and/or jail can cut into time that you might otherwise spend working. This will result in a loss of income that you would definitely need. If it is necessary for you to drive to work, you will have to arrange some other form of transportation, such as a ride from a friend who may require gas money. Additionally, if you have to take public transit due to a suspended license, that will cost money. If you drive for a living, such as a truck driver or bus driver, you will be effectively out of a job during any period of license suspension. People who hold Commercial Driver’s Licenses are not allowed to drive their commercial vehicles while their personal driver’s license is suspended.

Furthermore, a DUI cannot be removed from your criminal record, which is often checked by employers. It is possible that this could make it more difficult for you to get a job, which could have extensive financial implications in the long run.

These financial costs of DUI/DWAI are especially detrimental for those of modest means or victims of the nation’s high unemployment rate. In the unfortunate event of a DUI/DWAI arrest, you need a skilled lawyer who will work to get your charges reduced or dropped on technical grounds.

Denver DUI Defense Lawyer

A DUI/DWAI defense attorney will aggressively investigate every minute of every event leading up to your arrest. Were you stopped for probable cause? Was the roadside sobriety test called for? Was the roadside sobriety test performed properly? Was the breathalyzer tested and accurate? These questions are extremely important in order to protect your freedom and your livelihood.

A DUI/DWAI conviction can result in long-lasting financial difficulties. The good news is, Matthew Martin offers financing and payment plans to his clients, so you can have access to a criminal defense attorney you can afford.

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