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As a defense lawyer, I can stay ahead of the prosecution as they build their case because I used to be a prosecutor. I know what they are looking for, and the approaches they may take when building their cases. My 13 years of prosecution experience can work in your favor as I strategize your defense. Nearly all sexual assaults are felonies, with steep penalties and lifetime consequences.

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You want legal help whether you have been arrested, you are being investigated, or you are under suspicion of having committed an assault of a carnal nature. You have rights that must be protected. You have a right to a day in court and to face your accuser. Your right to say nothing may be sorely tested if you do not have legal advice. Police and prosecutors are skilled at trying to get information that will help their case and can hurt yours.

Having an experienced sexual assault defense lawyer at your side can make all the difference in your case.

  • It is most likely that your case will be prosecuted by District Attorneys. That’s what I used to be. I now work as a lawyer. I am dedicated to providing a full and fair defense. You are entitled to it under the law, and I believe in putting the law to work in defense of your rights.

In Colorado, assaulting someone carnally is almost always a felony whether the victim is an adult, a minor, a woman or a man. In my years as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor of sexual offenders, I have witnessed the fact that not all accusations are true. Some incidents turn out never to have happened. In some cases, it cannot be proven that the encounter was not consensual. Police may not have been thorough in their investigation, and they may not have followed the laws regarding a suspect’s rights.

  • Contact a defense lawyer, even if you have already determined that you are guilty. You face steep sentences and a lifetime of being branded as a sexual offender. It is possible in some cases to argue that you should be allowed to plead guilty to a lesser crime. Some prison sentences can be shortened with an offer to accept treatment and probation. The best advice is never to admit guilt until you have spoken with an attorney.

I am a Denver sexual assault defense lawyer who understands the complex laws governing cases of this nature. In Colorado, most of these kinds of crimes are prosecuted as Class 4 felonies, and anyone convicted of a Class 4 felony or greater has the potential of being sentenced to life in prison. Hard-line sentencing guidelines have been in effect since 1998. Sex crimes can become greater than Class 4 felonies in certain situations. If you are accused of committing a carnal crime while armed with a deadly weapon, or you are accused of telling your victim that you are armed with a deadly weapon, it is a much more serious Class 2 felony. If you were helped by others, or the victim suffered serious injuries, during the incident, Class 2 felony sentences apply. It is a Class 3 offense if a person threatened to kill or injure the victim, threatened to retaliate if they told, drugged the victim or got the victim drunk.

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