Denver Drug Offense Lawyer

As a marijuana lawyer, I am aware of the controversies surrounding the progressive legislation of our state, which allows registered users to enjoy the benefits of marijuana to fight the symptoms of chronic illnesses. I am also aware of how these laws can be confusing to individuals who have not been medically approved to possess or distribute the drug. If you face cannabis charges, call me today!

drug defense lawyerPossession of cocaine in Denver and throughout the State of Colorado is an automatic felony, regardless of how much of the drug was discovered on your person or within your control – no exceptions. However, a charge is not a conviction, and you are entitled to mount a vigorous defense. If you have been arrested for possession, call my office today, to speak with us.

The penalties for possession of marijuana throughout the State of Colorado are dependent upon how much is confiscated and whether or not you are a registered medical marijuana user. Our cannabis laws are very progressive; however, they are also very conditional. If you have been busted for possession of pot, call my firm today to discuss the details of your case with our office.