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I am a skilled DUI attorney who is ready to defend your vehicular homicide or DWAI charges. Call me whether this is your first offense or if it has happened before. I prosecuted these kinds of cases for many years. Let me put my tactical knowledge and tenacity to work for your defense.

If you have been arrested, do not accept defeat. Conviction is not an automatic done deal: evidence is sometimes unreliable and procedures can be done incorrectly.

Most DUI / DWAI cases are built on the sobriety tests administered by law enforcement. These results are not flawless, and the determination that you are above the legal limit of alcohol involves a subjective judgment on the part of the officer.

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Because I am an experienced DUI attorney, I know how to challenge field sobriety and breathalyzer results. Because I directly serve Denver, I can get to work right away.

I have experienced the arguments in drunk driving cases from both sides: I was a prosecutor for the first 13 years of my legal career, including service as a deputy district attorney in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties. The benefit to you is my knowledge of how local prosecutors build their cases, the evidence they rely upon, and how these kinds of cases proceed through the criminal justice system. I believe this experience enables me to give you forceful and effective DUI defense.

  • A minimum of 10 days in jail if your blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeded .20 for a first offense
  • A minimum of 10 days in jail if convicted of a second DUI/DWAI conviction within five years of your first offense
  • A minimum of 60 days in jail for a third offense within your lifetime
  • A minimum of two years’ probation for second and third offenses, totaling more than $1,200 in probation supervision fees
  • A requirement to install an ignition interlock device on your car if you are a repeat offender or were pulled over with a BAC of .17 or higher
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The State of Colorado has enacted tough penalties in an effort to stop repeat offenders. Mandatory jail time, fines and probation are likely if you are found guilty. The penalties can be life altering, with jail time and extensive fines as real possibilities for first time and repeat offenders including:

The sooner you have a DUI attorney determining the facts of your case, the more opportunity there is to strategize a defense that may ultimately be successful. There seems to be no shortage of bad, amateur legal advice out there. If you have been arrested and charged with DUI or DWAI, some people may tell you to hold off on hiring a lawyer, or to use a public defender until you have a court date set. I am convinced that a “wait and see” attitude diminishes your opportunities of composing a thorough and aggressive defense.

I will go to work to protect your legal rights. There are set standards for how the arresting officers must deal with a person suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. There are methods for determining whether your constitutional rights were respected during your arrest. The sooner you act the sooner I can subpoena squad car videos that recorded the event. Your initial consultation is free at my firm.

Acting quickly to retain a DUI attorney can mean the difference between having a driver’s license and having it suspended. You have the right to challenge the automatic suspension of your license following an arrest, if you schedule a hearing with the DOR (Department of Revenue) at any driver’s license office within seven days of your offense. As your lawyer, I will protect your interests in the proceedings that will determine if you keep or lose your driving privileges.

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