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The expungement of criminal records and the sealing of criminal records are legal rights, and they are areas of the law in which I can be of legal assistance. Many people do not know that an arrest alone goes on a permanent record, even if charges were never filed. Call me now to get the facts on Colorado law and your case.

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In Colorado, expungement and sealing do not mean the same thing:

  • Expungement of criminal records means that your record is, in effect, “erased.” If your request for an expungement is accepted, the facts will no longer appear during background checks. You can legally say that you were never arrested, charged, or accused of the crime in question.
  • Sealing means that the documents are concealed but still on file. The record could be unsealed with a court order under certain circumstances, but the information is not available to the general public.

expungement attorney denverThere are a number of circumstances in which you may be eligible to have your record erased or sealed. Call our offices for a free initial consultation. We can determine if your circumstances allow you to file an application for the expungement of your criminal records or if you have to have them sealed.

Many different kinds of records can be involved: documentation from a court, correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies and more. The record can involve circumstances ranging from being apprehended to being held, to having been arrested.

In the case of an offense that went to trial, the rules get increasingly specific; however, it does not mean that an elimination or sealing of your files cannot be achieved.

To speak with an attorney, give me a call. I help people determine if they qualify for this type of legal reprieve, and also aid in guiding their applications through the process.

The application for erasing or restricting public access to criminal records can be made for either felony or misdemeanor offenses if you were not found guilty. It applies if your case was dismissed or if a judge deferred the sentence and you have fulfilled all of the terms of the deferral. Usually, a predetermined period of time must pass before an application can be submitted for review. However, the records of certain kinds of crimes can never been sealed, no matter how long ago the trial was.

The expungement of criminal records is especially helpful when it comes to juvenile offenses. The law recognizes that not everyone who becomes involved with the justice system at an early age is an emerging career offender.

When applying for expungement or sealing, it is the job of an attorney to prepare what is called a “petition” to the court. Your lawyer is required to explain why they think that you are eligible for the concealment of your offenses and the reasons that you would like the change. A hearing will then be held, based upon your petition.

Face it: having a criminal record can affect many areas of your life:

  • Getting a job
  • Being accepted to college
  • Renting or owning a home
  • Getting a loan
  • Obtaining a license or insurance
  • Owning a gun
  • Adopting a child
  • Being accepted for volunteer work


Call me to review your case today. I have the experience and skill you need to seek a fresh start and put the past behind you.

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The initial consultation is free and we offer case financing for those who qualify

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