Breathalyzer Tests in Denver Colorado

Challenging the Validity of Prosecution’s Evidence

Police officers are trained to determine whether alcohol consumption has impaired a motorist’s ability to drive. Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests help police officers make important judgment calls.

Unfortunately, field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests are not flawless. If you were arrested for a DUI, do not gamble away your future with the help of a general practitioner attorney. Enlist an experienced criminal defense lawyer prepared to challenge field sobriety and Breathalyzer test results.

Before starting my own law firm, I was a district attorney in Douglas, Jefferson and Arapahoe counties. I have prosecuted hundreds of individuals suspected of drunk driving. I know firsthand the nuances of field sobriety and Breathalyzer tests. I am prepared to challenge the subjective nature of field sobriety tests and questionable Breathalyzer results.

If you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, act quickly to help preserve your legal rights. Contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. We can discuss opportunities for an effective DUI Breathalyzer defense strategy.

Challenging the Subjective Nature of Field Sobriety Tests
I am an experienced criminal defense attorney with a firm understanding of the procedures police officers must follow at the time of an arrest. As part of my investigation, I will subpoena any available squad car videos to understand if police officers violated any of your constitutional rights. I am also prepared to demonstrate the unreliable nature of field sobriety tests known to measure physical and mental capabilities instead of an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC).

Uncovering Questionable Breathalyzer Test Results
Breathalyzers are used to determine if motorists were over the legal limit. Unfortunately, these machines are subject to mechanical and human errors. If a Breathalyzer was not properly maintained, the Breathalyzer may calibrate incorrectly. This could result in inaccurate depiction a motorist’s blood alcohol content while driving.

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I have a strong background developing convincing DUI Breathalyzer defense strategies. As part of my investigation, I will evaluate reports to determine if the Breathalyzer was properly maintained. I vigorously challenge DWI Breathalyzer test results if calibrations were inaccurate or if police officers were poorly trained to use the machines.

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