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In Denver, your DUI BAC test results can be the difference between facing serious jail time and probation.  Drunk driving offenders can be charged with DUI or DWAI, a lesser drunk driving charge.

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If you are like many of our clients, you probably took a BAC test, which indicated that you were intoxicated on some level.  Some clients test far above the legal limit of .08%, leaving them feeling defeated and without hope.

We work with all types of tough DUI cases.  Our firm can help you if:bac test

  • Your BAC test results were high.
  • You refused to take a BAC test.
  • You have multiple conflicting BAC test results.

Taking a BAC test does not mean that you are guaranteed to be convicted in court.  BAC tests are infamously known for being inaccurate under many different circumstances.  Sometimes cops forget a step or don’t know what they’re doing when they administer a breath tests.  In other cases, blood or urine samples have been contaminated and are therefore no longer admissible in court.


Whatever your circumstances, Matthew A. Martin, P.C. can help you stand up for yourself in court.  Our attorney’s goal is to get your charges dropped and your case dismissed.  In the even that this is not possible, we will negotiate with the prosecution and the judge to achieve minimized penalties during your sentencing.

The faster you retain legal representation, the better your chances.  Contact us today to speak with a lawyer about your case.

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