Denver Child Pornography Lawyer

Providing 25 years of criminal attorney representation.

If you are under investigation or have already been arrested for child pornography charges, you need to contact our firm as soon as possible to speak with our attorney about your case.


child pornography lawyerChild pornography cases are typically handled at the state and sometimes even the federal level.  We can help you if your case involves charges for:

  • Possession of child pornography
  • Manufacturing child pornography
  • Proliferating child pornography

As a defense lawyer, I can stay ahead of the prosecution as they build their case because I used to be a prosecutor. I know what they are looking for, and the approaches they may take when building their cases. My 13 years of prosecution experience can work in your favor as I strategize your defense.

I know the kinds of evidence authorities will gather; I understand how they will present it in court; I can develop strategies to counter the case they build and to lessen the consequences you might face.  Though you are facing these very serious charges, you have rights.  Protect your rights by appointing an attorney with the skills necessary to defend your case.

Whether you are under investigation or have already been arrested, please call now. The faster you retain a lawyer the better off your case will be. Consultations are free, so please contact us as soon as possible.

child pornography attorney