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Internet Sex Crimes

Crime is always evolving, and as the internet developed so did offenders. While most think of crimes involving fraud or hacking when it comes to computers, internet sex crimes are also becoming a common occurrence online. In an effort to deter offenders, the state of Colorado has implemented harsh penalties for sex crimes using computers or the internet. These penalties can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, meaning you could go to prison.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a sex crime involving the internet, we urge you to get in contact with an experienced cybercrime attorney as soon as possible. For this type of charge, you shouldn’t settle for a public defender with such high stakes. The best way to beat an internet sex crime charge is to hire an attorney with extensive background in computer analytics and cyber crimes. Anything less could put your freedom and liberty at jeopardy.

Denver Attorney for Internet Sex Crimes

When computer crimes and sex crime merge, the result can mean serious time in state of federal prison.  If you are facing internet sex crime charges, contact Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. as soon as possible. He has built his extensive experience in criminal trials on both sides of the courtroom. For several years he has been defending people charged with many different crimes including internet sex crimes.

Matthew Martin began his criminal law career as a prosecutor and District Attorney. The perspective he gained by prosecuting crimes in Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson Counties gives him a head start in preparing your defense. Call (303) 725-0017 to set up your first consultation free of charge. Matthew Martin accepts clients throughout the greater Denver area including Jefferson County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Broomfield County, Adams County, and Boulder County.

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Internet Luring of a Child in Colorado

While communicating with a child online isn’t illegal, inviting them over to meet-up for a sexual purpose is. The crime is referred to as luring a child online and if you’re found doing so with a child under 15 you could face felony charges. The definition for luring a child online can be found under Title 19 Article 3 and Part 3 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, which state:

  • It’s illegal to knowingly communicate over a computer, telephone network, computer network, text message, data network, or instant message to a person; and
  • The said person is under the age of 15 at the time; and
  • You are at least four years older than the child at the time; and
  • Sent descriptions of explicit sexual conduct to the child and then began to persuade or invite the child over for a sexual purpose.

Luring a child online is classified as a class 5 felony, which is punishable by:

  • Up to 3 years in prison
  • A fine of up to $100,000

If the purpose of the crime was to have the child engage in child pornography, then the crime will be reclassified to a class 4 felony, which includes:

  • Up to 3 years in prison
  • A fine of up to $100,000

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Child Pornography Charges in Colorado

Filming or taking photos of a child in a sexual manner simulated or not is a serious crime with life-changing penalties in the state of Colorado. The crime is often referred to as child pornography, but under Colorado law it’s defined as sexual exploitation of a child. It’s defined under the Revised Statutes 18-6-403, which state you’re guilty of sexually exploiting a child if you committed one of the following:

  • Persuaded or induced a child into explicit sexual contact or conduct for the purpose of creating a performance for a sexual reason
  • Arranges for, finances, exhibits, offers, distributes, prepares, promotes, publishes, or deals in sexually exploitative material of children through digital or electronic means
  • Possess child pornography in any form
  • Sell, distribute, or possess with intent to do any of the two pornography involving children under the age of 18
  • Cause, entice, induce, permit, or coerce a child into engaging in sexual contact for the purpose of making child pornography in any form

If you’re found with only still images of child pornography, then you’ll face a class 5 felony. The maximum sentence for a class 5 felony is:

  • Up to 3 years in prison
  • A fine of up to $100,000

If video, motion, picture, recordings, or broadcasts of child pornography were involved, expect to face a class 4 felony. The penalties for a class 4 felony include:

  • Up to 6 years in prison
  • A fine of up to $500,000

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Additional Resources

Enough is Enough | EIE – Visit the official website for Enough is Enough, a non-partisan and non-profit organization whose lifelong mission is to create a safer internet for children. Access the site to read up on their research regarding internet sex crimes, how to report a cybercrime, and in what ways you can help the organization.

Internet Sex Crimes | Colorado Revised Statutes – Visit the official website for the Colorado Revised Statutes to read up on their laws pertaining to cyber crimes. Access the site to read more on the details on child pornography crimes and online solicitation of a minor.

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Denver Internet Sex Crimes Attorney, Colorado

If you have already been arrested, call Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. as soon as possible. The faster you retain a Denver internet sex crimes attorney, the better off your case will be. Attorney Matthew Martin has experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney, which gives him valuable insight into the other side. He knows the kinds of evidence authorities will gather and how the prosecution may utilize said evidence in court.

Call (303) 725-0017 if you think you are a suspect in an internet sex crimes case – if you will be questioned regarding a crime – or if you have been arrested. Legal representation at the earliest possible time is the best course of action for you if you want to avoid the full statutory penalties of a sex cybercrime.

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