Child Abuse

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Child abuse is defined very broadly by Colorado law.  Although there are many degrees of child abuse, all of them carry a negative connotation that can impact your ability to see your children or to obtain employment.  If you are accused of child abuse, please contact a defense attorney immediately BEFORE talking to the police or department of human services.  If you have already been charged or ticketed for child abuse, now is the time to hire a skilled lawyer with a proven track record of getting these cases dismissed.

To the department of human services and the police, using a reasonable amount of discipline against your child is the crime of child abuse.  However, the law permits a parent or guardian to use a reasonable amount of physical force to discipline their child.  I have convinced many district attorneys to dismiss this type of charge because my client’s behavior was not criminal or the accusation was baseless.  However, getting the charge dismissed is only the first step.  After the charge is dismissed, it is equally important to seal my client’s record so that this type of allegation does not follow them for the rest of their lives.


Accusations of child abuse are very serious and require immediate action especially if the department of human services is involved.  You need an experienced attorney as soon as possible to defend you so that your rights as a parent are not taken away.   DHS will be working to take your kids away from you so you need someone willing to fight to protect your rights.

Whether you are under investigation or have already been arrested, please call now. The faster you retain a attorney, the better off you will be.  Contact our office today for your free initial consultation.