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If you were arrested for drunk driving, you have to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to challenge the suspension of your driver’s license. This is an important initial step to try and regain your driving privileges. Position yourself with an experienced criminal defense attorney with the skills to effectively represent you in a DUI and DMV hearing.

When you select the Law Office of Matthew A. Martin, P.C. , you are in good hands. I was a prosecutor in Douglas, Jefferson and Arapahoe counties before becoming a defense attorney. I will prepare you for what to expect in a DUI and DMV hearing while defending your rights in criminal proceedings.

Contact my law firm today to schedule a free initial consultation. I will challenge the DUI charges upfront while seeking for your license to be reinstated.

Act Quickly to Regain Your Driving Privileges

I am an experienced DUI defense attorney with a strong background representing individuals in license revocation and suspended license hearings. I have a firm understanding of the criminal and civil proceedings. My top priority centers around helping you act quickly. You only have seven days to request a DUI and DMV hearing before your license will automatically be suspended.

The DMV hearing is a civil proceeding. The arresting police officer has an opportunity to testify on the circumstances of your DUI arrest. This is a chance to cross-examine the arresting officer before your criminal trial. Any inconsistencies in the police officer’s testimony will create grounds to argue for the charges to be dropped or reduced.

Typically, a DUI arrest will lead to a license suspension for about nine months. I will advocate to help you gain a provisional license so you can drive to and from work. If the arresting officer fails to attend the DMV hearing, your license will not be suspended.

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