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identity theft lawyer denverSpeak with an identity theft attorney if you have been charged with this type of crime. Personal privacy laws are always changing, with more offenses being added to the list. Penalties are becoming stiffer. I understand how these types of cases are prosecuted, and I can protect your rights. The evidence in the case can be disputed; the facts of the case can be misleading; and the accusations can be completely wrong.

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To put it simply, posing as another person is a criminal act. It is the fastest growing crime in the United States, which is why state lawmakers are continually updating and expanding the laws.

Contact an attorney if you are facing any of the following charges.

  • Computer
  • Social Security Number
  • Private financial documentation
  • Data bases utilized by employers


  • Internet fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Bank or Credit Union fraud
  • Criminal impersonation
  • Forgery
  • Loan fraud
  • Utilities or telephone fraud
  • Theft of medical records or information
  • Use of a forged academic records
  • Unlawful possession or use of a driver’s license
  • Unlawful acts involving identification cards

Identity theft is a charge of fraud. In Colorado, in most circumstances, it is a Class 4 felony and carries serious penalties. It is defined as the misappropriation and use of the identifying information of another person, without permission and for personal gain. It may have been to buy something, apply for credit or commit financial crimes. It is punishable by hefty fines, incarceration and restitution. If you are suspected, being questioned, accused of or have been arrested for fraudulent activity, you will benefit from the advice of a legal representative.

As an attorney, my goal is to prevent a conviction on the charges. This is vital because under Colorado law, the courts are usually required to impose mandatory prison sentences on individuals found guilty of identity theft and fraud-based crimes. We can discuss a specific strategy based upon the facts of your case. A rigorous and aggressive defense can make the difference between your freedom and incarceration – and a lifetime of explanations. Call and schedule your free consultation today.

You should know that in the State of Colorado, if your case goes to trial, it can be held in any county in which the offense was committed, or identity theft attorney denverin any county in which the victim lives.
With me as your attorney, you will receive the benefits of my 13 years spent prosecuting crimes. This experience has given me insight into how these cases are built and an even greater understanding of how these cases can be fought and won.

One of the most important factors that will influence the charges that you will face is the means through which personal identity information was obtained. Each method of obtaining personal identification information involves a different level of personal interaction and/or breach of trust. Depending upon how the information was obtained, offenders can face additional charges that may include federal offenses. Regardless of the circumstances, you may be subject to extreme consequences if you have been accused of using another person’s name; address; social security number; birth date; phone number; bank or credit card account numbers; passwords; or pin numbers.

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